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How to listen and dance like the Egyptian
Course with an Egyptian orchestra
by bellydance world champion Anastasia Biserova
How to listen and dance like an Egyptian
I created this course expecting that you will get back to it over and over again.
The whole bellydance basics were systematised according to my special method based on a human's proper motor skills and body position.
This course will satisfy the needs of beginners, professionals and teachers.
It will be easy-to-do for beginners, as all moves are systematized in a really comprehensive way.
Professionals will be able to improve their skills and learn unique secrets of the right motor activity.
Teachers will find this system apt to convey the techniques efficiently.
This course consists of 4 lessons and 4 lectures.
Lesson 1: All bellydance technique in 1 lesson
Lesson 2: Types of shimmy + belly technique
Lesson 3: Arms in oriental dance
Lesson 4: Arabesques and turns in oriental dance

Lecture 1: History of bellydance. From origin untill the 20s of XX century.
Lecture 2: Badia Masabni. Biography, pictures, video.
Lecture 3: Golden age dancers.
Lecture 4: Golden age of bellydance. Composers, singers, actors.

Bellydance basic
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Lesson 1 | 40 minutes
All bellydance technique in 1 lesson
I created a system where all moves are divided into 5 groups, each group is based on one principle. By mastering the core of basic moves you can easily comprehend complicated combined moves.
Lesson 2 | 13 minutes
Types of shimmy + belly technique
We will make out the main kinds of shimmy and ways of doing it. Also we'll master the belly moves.
Lesson 3 | 25 minutes
Arms in oriental dance
This lesson will be devoted to hands in oriental dancing. Principles and features. The difference of hands in oriental, balady and folk dance.
Lesson 4 | 13 minutes
Arabesques and turns in oriental dance
Within this lesson I'll tell you peculiarities of arabesque
and turns in oriental dance.
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From origin
untill the 20s
of XX century

pictures, video

Samia Gamal, Taheya Karioka, Naima Akef, Hagar Hamdi and other

Composers, singers, actors

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