8 lessons
5 modules
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How to listen and dance like the Egyptian
Course with an Egyptian orchestra
by bellydance world champion Anastasia Biserova
How to listen and dance like the Egyptian
Course with an Egyptian orchestra
by bellydance world champion
Anastasia Biserova
5 modules
2 months
You'll get a tried practical scheme
that can help you to figure out:
how oriental music is structured
how to move with the rhythms and make accents
what arabizm is and how to conceive it
how to freestyle to unknown music easily
how to make a showy tabla solo
how to manage musicians
how to create a choreography with an orchestra by oneself
how to prepare for a performance
The program of the course
Module 1
Module 1
Rhythms in oriental dance. Dance combinations and examples of using them
(4 lessons, 3 hours)
Maqsoum, Fellahi, Masmoudi soghaer, Saidi, Malfouf, Haggala, Ayoub, Zar, Karatchi, Waltz, Dareg, Fox, Tultiyat, Wahda, Wahda Kebira, Sombati, Masmoudi Kebir, Samai Tiil, Zurufat, Khaligi Rumba, Iraqi, Dabke
Module 2
Module 2
Baladi. Its structure and combination
(1 lesson, 44 min)
Taqasim accordion, Ashara baladi, Baladi Awedi, Maqsoum part, Tet-baladi, Amenti bellah, Hassan ya Khouli,
Baladi with assaya, Bambi baladi.
Module 3
Module 3
Module 3. Tabla solo with an orchestra
(1 lesson, 28 min)
Let's get familiar with all instruments that are in the rhythm section of a dancer's orchestra. We'll learn how to get on well with musicians, find out some secrets of improvisation so that it could look like a choreography.

The lesson will be accompanied by the tablist Ahmed, videos with him got more than 15 mln views. Anastasia will tell you how to make tabla solo impressive and unforgettable.
Module 4
Module 4
Main instruments of oriental music
(1 lesson, 37 min)
Let's learn main instruments of oriental music: mizmar, violin, qanun, accordion. You'll understand how to move to each instrument.
Module 5
Module 5
Choreography - Abdel Halim Hafez "Ahebbak" with an orchestra
(1 lesson, 60 min)
We'll learn a choreography to an unusual song - Abdel Halim Hafez "Ahebbak" - and practice it with a live band
+ 1st BONUS
+ 1st BONUS
Lecture "The Stars of Bellydance: Their Moves, Personal Styles and Specialties"
+ 2nd BONUS
+ 2nd BONUS
A memo for Oriental Dance rhythms.
All rhythms that were mentioned in the course, their formulas and audio-examples.
8 Livestreams
8 Livestreams
Detailed review of lessons and answers to your questions (each weekends from May 22 till July 11)
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What will the course result in?
You will know basic and complex rhythms of oriental music
You will get a set of dance combinations for each rhythm. Moreover, you will be able to convert one combination into different styles
You will become familiar with main oriental musical instruments and the way of dancing to them
You will grasp the style of baladi and improvise easily
You will learn how to manage musicians and achieve the needed results
You will figure out how to effectively prepare for a performance with an orchestra
I'm waiting for you
on my amazing course!