1ST COURSEBellydance basics4 lessons and 4 lectures


I created this course expecting that you will get back to it over and over again.
The whole bellydance basics were systematised according to my special method based on a human's proper motor skills and body position.

This course will satisfy the needs of beginners, professionals and teachers.
It will be easy-to-do for beginners, as all moves are systematized in a really comprehensive way.
Professionals will be able to improve their skills and learn unique secrets of the right motor activity.
Teachers will find this system apt to convey the techniques efficiently.

This course consists of 4 lessons and 4 lectures:

Lesson 1: All bellydance technique in 1 lesson Watch preview
Lesson 2: Types of shimmy + belly technique
Lesson 3: Arms in oriental dance
Lesson 4: Arabesques and turns in oriental dance

Lecture 1: History of bellydance. From origin untill the 20s of XX century.
Lecture 2: Badia Masabni. Biography, pictures, video.
Lecture 3: Golden age dancers.
Lecture 4: Golden age of bellydance. Composers, singers, actors.